Why is IT such a failure?


Why is IT such a failure?

Why is IT such a failure?
with Sebastien Corniglien, IT expert and lecturer

Do you hate computers and IT?
-Has that awfully illegible consulting contract small-print cost you a fortune in the past?
-Why are IT guys so weird?
-How can you make sure they understand YOUR business?

Have you ever come across an industry which is:
so ubiquitous and necessary for your business?
Yet, has a customer satisfaction rate of less than 10%

Enjoy a fun & educational evening learning how easy it is to resolve simple issues.
Sebastien Corniglien and his partners create an interactive and visual workshop to demonstrate:
1. The truth behind the (false) complexity in IT projects,
2. The Hall of Fame of IT project failures, the reasons behind, and how could it have been mitigated,
3. The pitfalls to avoid in IT contracts negotiation,

Most of the time we don’t have enough information!
Sebastien Corniglien has been passionate about computers since the age 7 years old.
He’s what some people may call a techno whizz!
He wrote his first program on a Macintosh LC at the age of 11 then he honed his business skills running his family MOT business (Contrôle Technique) from the age of 15 and installed the first MOT centralized data measure collection system in France.

After completing his DUT Informatique (Bachelor Degree in Information Technology) at the IUT (University Technical Institute) in Nice, France, Sébastien followed his life-long dream of studying in Britain. Moving to Edinburgh in Scotland he got his BSc BA (joint honours) in Computer Science and Business Studies at The University of Edinburgh. Whilst completing his MSc in Computer Science and MBA also at The University of Edinburgh, he worked as a consultant for Convergys, market leader of Tiers1 telecoms rating and billing systems, directing a team for a Deutsch Telekom project, only aged 26.

He has taught in various colleges of the Université Nice, Sophia Antipolis, Morocco, Vietnam & Haiti, either in technical or business management.
Recently he co-founded with 2 Techno geeks makeITdynamic, a university spin-off, taking care of the whole information chain within organisations, public or privately-owned.

makeITdynamic aims to provide French technical excellency along with a British customer-care, in hope to change the vision people have of IT.