TEDxCannes, 26 April 2014

Ideas that change your life …


A premium event open to the general public and students
12 incredible and inspiring speakers come and share their vision of happiness


TEDxCannes, an unique experience packed with emotions

The 26 Arpril 2014, at the palais des festival in Cannes, 12 speakers* from all over the world, will come and share their ideas to illustrate the theme of Happiness and Business during the 1st edition of TEDxCannes.

This conference will give the opportunity to spread image breaking ideas and show extraordinary people from California, Germany, Monaco, England and France.

They will all be present at TEDxCannes, to talk about their experiences of innovation, education, art, health, architecture and design.


“There are encounters and ideas that change your life. That is the ambition of TEDxCannes” Norbert Barré, organizer of TEDxCannes.


Jacques Rougerie, oceanographer architect

Jacques Rougerie conceptualizes life under the sea. He is an architect for underwater habitats. He is convinced that our future (nutrition, health…) is linked to the sea.

He combines his two passions : sea and architecture. His current project SeaOrbiter is the culmination of 30 years of innovative research in marine architecture. The SeaOrbiter is the combination of art and sciences.


Zhang Zhang, make a life an art, a dream come true.

Zhang Zhang is a violinist for the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra in Monaco and is a young woman with an unusual destiny. From China to Monaco, via Thailand, Switzerland and Canada, Zhang wants to share a life experience with us.

Through her charitable association ZhangoMusiq, which produces music concerts, she raises money for humanitarian and ecological projects across the world.


Brother Marie-Pâques, monk, priest and company director.

Monk and priest, Brother Marie-Pâques is also responsible for the production of the vineyards of Saint-Honorat. Each year, the Abbey’s wine production produces 35 000 bottles which are sold worldwide. A “business model” that is well structured and primarily concerned with the well-being issues of men.


Sandra Meunier, clown art therapist, a vision on the end of life

Art therapist, Sandra Meunier is the founder of the Neztoiles association in 2005. She works in hospitals, helping adults in the department of palliative care and cancer treatments.

Joy assistant, moral coach, treasure hunter, peace maker….Neztoiles are professionally trained therapists who practice different methods of care (art therapy, mental imagery, music, relaxation…). Sandra work proves that even lying in a hospital bed and not being able to move, our spirit can remain strong, bright and alive.


Other Speakers:

  • Vincent Cespedes : philosopher
  • Navi Radjou : international consultant specialized in innovation and leadership
  • Fabrice Peltier : designer
  • Bertin Nahum: entrepreneur and robot assistant designer for surgery operations.
  • Sebastien Fleiter : artist, stage designer
  • Marc Van Peteghem : naval designer
  • Julian Treasure : sound consultant

* ITW, biography and HD photo on demand



TEDxCannes: premium event for everyone

TED conferences are most of the time B2B events; TEDxCannes wants to go further and attract the general public. Indeed everyone is concerned with the theme “Happiness and Business” and everyone should be able to assist to a premium event that presents the values of sharing, innovation, creativity and well-being.


TEDxCannes has decided to offer a student discount of -50%


TEDxCannes: Agenda

The day will start with a gentle warm up of Tai-Chi to awaken the senses and the mind.

2pm: 1st part of TEDxCannes

4:15pm: break

5pm: 2nd part of TEDxCannes

6:45pm: Cocktail at the Majestic Barriere**

**for the tickets brought with cocktail


A strong regional support:

TEDxCannes is supported by the Team Cote d'Azur, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Cote d'Azur, "l'Union Pour l'Entreprise des Alpes Maritimes (UPE06), the CEO’s association of Sophia-Antipolis, the Sustainable Design School, the Maeght Foundation, Majestic Barrière Hotel, and Palais des Festivals in Cannes.


1st edition of TEDxCannes 2014:


The tickets are available on the website www.tedxcannes.com :

  • 120 euros access to TEDxCannes
  • 160 euros access to TEDxCannes and cocktail at the  Majestic Barriere
  • 60 euros for students



26 April 2014


Palais des festivals, Room Debussy

600 places available

Followed by a cocktail at the Majestic Barriere


300 places available

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About TEDxCannes

TEDxCannes represents more than twenty passionate people working for over a year now to give a memorable experience to the participants. TEDxCannes is not just any other "normal" conference, it is an event that gathers and unites all the companies and strengths of the French Riviera, an ambitious event that will exceptionally promote the region.

The two co-organizers are:

  • Norbert Barré, General Manager in France and internationally/abroad, Project Manager, Marketing and Communication. Passionate about TED, he participated in the Global Conference and he is one of the two organizers of TEDxCannes. Previously Director of the small business market of the Société Genérale, he is also a sponsor for the association: "Mouvement des jeunes et des étudiants Entrepreneurs” and he is a Marketing Director of a bank in Europe employing 8000 people. Norbert is involved in the entrepreneurial and communication sectors.
  • Fabien Ben N'Sir, he is a French "serial entrepreneur" not yet 30 years old and a specialist in the field of digital technology. After many entrepreneurial experiences in the sector of vod, games, music, and advertising, Fabien Ben N'Sir was co founder of "Demagis", digital agency that help brands in the definition and implementation of their digital strategy. In a few months Fabien will launch a research technology center (TechLab) to create a range of connected objects in the medical, sport and insurance sector. Born in Marseille, he is also the President of a small football club - Fc Casteban - helping teenagers from difficult backgrounds.

The conferences TED and TEDx

TED conferences is a non profit organization (Technology, Entertainment, Design) that started 30 years ago, they are a series of international conferences with the aim to communicate "ideas worth spreading".

TED conferences invites speakers from all over the world, to come and share their innovative ideas during an 18 speech maximum, sharing ideas or personal and professional experiences that can shape our future, change our lives and ultimately the world.

The list of speakers who have already participated for free for one of these conference organized by the association is very impressive. Among previous speakers there were: Bill Gates, Jane Fonda, Julian Assange, Bill Clinton, Peter Gabriel, Richard Branson or Frank Gehry, Bono, Philippe Starck, Al Gore and the co founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page…


TEDx. An ecosystem of conferences around the world.

TEDx is the same concept and format as TED but aimed and implemented at a local community, such as schools, companies, libraries and group of friends to enjoy a similar experience of the TED conferences. To organize a TEDx event you need to be given a licence by the TED teams with the objective in mind to develop an ecosystem around the world.



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