IPN Networking Night

IPN Networking Night

Success without Selling your Soul


How to Be Authentically and Successfully YOU in Business

With guest speaker:

Helen Kerrison, Performance and Leadership expert. Entrepreneur & Mentor

Success is what we all want to achieve. We chase it, we strive for it and we often pay a high emotional and physical price for it. When success doesn’t feel good or doesn’t come at all, it’s essential to seek answers in those places we don’t usually look.

What you will learn:

  • How to build your most important working relationship and make it your most successful
  • The three big mistakes that even the smartest professional people make and how to fix them
  • Why less is more as far as authenticity in business is concerned

What you will take away:

  • A new perspective on yourself and your business/career
  • Essential elements for building trust in yourself and others
  • Practical ‘done for you’ tips and recommendations to build your business

Helen is an international speaker, presenter, TV show host, best-selling author and mentor, who has regularly appeared on the US Cable-TV show Living Consciously. From a Corporate background, Helen has worked with entrepreneurs, managers, business leaders and business owners, helping them to know who they are, what they want and create authentic, meaningful success.

Beverley Holt: Founder of IPN

Accomplished Networker and Professional Networking Coach.

  • Learn and Practice Introduction & Presentation Skills,
  • Participate in Business Speed Dating to hone your techniques,
  • Develop proper Business Networking Strategies,
  • Enhance your Network and Establish Collaboration with Others,
  • Learn from Successful Speakers who Educate, Inspire, Motivate.

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