Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson talks about:

What can we learn from high performance players and athletes in for example the ‘World Cup’, in understanding effective communication, both individually and as a team?


• What is it, in the characteristics of individual athletes such as tennis players, golfers, fencers and dressage riders that communicate their strength, power and confidence, or lack of it?


• How can we understand the dynamic and interchange between people, in such a way that we can positively influence the ‘transactions’ and to some degree outcome within that context?


Phil will use his Four Corners Model Framework, Transactional Analysis, being in the ‘Zone of Performance’, as well as essential communication skills, to understand how we can measure and change our own and other’s communications positively.


He would hope in the exploration of these presentations you will be:

1. More aware of how to give and receive communications
2. Understand the dynamics and behaviours in your own ‘transactions’ in communications with others
3. Be clearer how to give quality feedback, and how to receive it.
4. Become aware of your own physicality so that you can control and change it appropriately
5. Understand the art and science behind these topics.