Our first 2014 REAL networking night

Our First Networking Night

Our first 2014 REAL networking night

HPN invites you to a our first 2014 REAL networking night on Thursday 20th February, 7pm at the Ellington Hotel


Join this successful vibrant network
Practical, immediately useful training on Effective Communication
Learn and Pratice Introducion & Presentation Skills
Participate in Business Speed Dating to hone your techniques
Develop proper Business Networking Strategies
Enhance your Network and Establish Collaboration with Others.


Learn from Successful Guest Speakers to Educate, Inspire & Motivate


Rod Briggs- Founder of Mindlink Foundation
Author of A Daily Dose of Balance “Simple As Breathing
From primary school upwards we are never taught how to think but rather what to think; we become adept at reading writing and ‘rithmatic but have no idea about the processes that drive us.
Time Magazine called the human brain the “greatest feat of engineering in the known universe…”and yet the vast majority of people are never taught how to use the wonder that is inside us!


We are so fortunate to start our year with such a successful entrepreneur.
He will teach us how anything is possible!


Rod was born with 1 lung- so virtually crippled and not allowed to do any physical sports.
He studied everything to do with The Mind and body from a very young age and managed to heal himself ,thrive and survive against all odds!


Founder of the mindlink foundation, is a sought-after international lecturer and consultant whose area of expertise lies in the mind sciences.
He lectures on Stress Control, Trauma, Emotional Aptitude, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Relationships, Crisis Management, Personal Performance, Situation Awareness and Psycho-Neuro Immunology (to mention a few) to government departments, military and peace keeping forces, members of the medical fraternity, health departments, corporate and private groups from all over the world.


Check all the media articles about Rod’s amazing success stories!



Take back control of your life

We habitually blame external influences for the quality of our life. Learn simple direct techniques to take back control.

-Whole brain training for maximum mind power
-Stop self-sabotage.
-Understand the power of habits and phobias.
-Effortless goal setting.
-Discover the unfair advantage of using your subconscious mind.


Beverley Holt
Founder of HPN

Accomplished Networker

Learn how to network effectively.


Thursday February 20th at 7pm at The Ellington Hotel, 25, Rue Dubouchage, Nice

Only €15

contact Beverley@globalHPN.net 0r