Mind Mastery Weekend Course

Mind Mastery Weekend Course

Due to popular demand Rod Briggs, founder of Mindlink, is back from South Africa.


Would you like to improve your business success ,abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life?


Join us for a FREE inspirational talk and preview to Rod’s Neurobiology of Excellence Weekend Seminar.

Tuesday, October 6th :7pm: The Ellington Hotel, 25,Rue Dubouchage, Nice.
Wednesday,October 8th: 7pm, Private Residence, Menton
Thursday, October 9th: 7pm, Stardeck, StarsnBars, Monaco

rod briggs

Rod is also known as the “King of Manifesting!”


He was Ceo of Lane Holdings International  from age 26 and retired at 30.
Rod has trained Irish and European  entrepreneurs of the year plus world champions in half a dozen various sports.


He was born with one lung working ,and more or less crippled with it.
He was  told he would never do sports or physical activity-  and die young!
At the age of 13years old he proved everyone wrong .


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He lectures in many countries and runs workshops. Due to popular demand he is returning to France and Monaco.
He is a very dynamic, inspiring man.


Mind Mastery Weekend Course, Saturday October 10th, Sunday 11th : 9-5pm:
The Ellington hotel, 25,Rue Dubouchage, Nice
Cost: Only €280


What you will learn:
Discover your true potential

  • Increase mental, emotional and physical efficiency (30-40% increase)
  • Reach untapped potential
  • De-stressing techniques - Trauma control - increase self-awareness
  • Achieve your true potential
  • Re-pattern old habits and eliminate phobias
  • Plus lots more
  • Take back control of your life. Inside you is a wellspring of potential held back by outdated belief systems and habits of thought.

In the Neurobiology of Excellence course you will be given the tools and practical experience to design a future of adventure and joy.

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