Learn how to be happy and successful in business and life.

Learn how to be happy and successful in business and life.

I recently listened to Liam Ford speak at Monaco TEDxIUM talk.


He is so inspirational and genuinely cares about people and their businesses and helping them to grow. His style is very unique and it works. He gets amazing results. He has a secret recipe to create happiness and high performance at work and life.


He has an amazing course coming up soon. Would you like to join me?


Whether you have a business or not or work as an entrepreneur or a large corporate company this course is for you.


This course is great for:
• Unlocking and harnessing collective intelligence
• Great for teams
• Leaders (particularly those working with Gen Y, 35% of working population)
• Facilitating meetings
• Self leadership/facilitation – the core skill for every leader or anyone working with others.


Liam and his wife Dawn would like to invite you to join them to further your facilitation skills, using the world leading Zenergy Facilitation model developed by Dr Dale Hunter.


They use a whole person approach that is practical and applicable, a learning environment that is engaging and inspiring for you to stretch and develop your facilitation skills. This approach to facilitation enables transformation to be possible at any stage for all participants.


Stage 1: Course Outcomes:

• Understand the role of a facilitator and the group development cycles.
• Clarify, identify and create a group purpose.
• Create a safe and empowering group culture.
• Learn the whole personhood approach and be present to self, others and the group.
• Practice a range of interventions, processes and techniques appropriately within the group.
• Be comfortable with a wide range of behaviors and handle conflict effectively.
• Recognise and work with different energy levels in self, others and the group.


This is an experiential workshop where the participants are the facilitators and the course leaders are both coaches and trainers. You will gain lots of insights around how you are being as the facilitator and the skills you apply with the group. It’s real, practical and fun!


Book and pay here.

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zenerg …
or email


Dawn Ford: dawn.forde@thezone.co




You can find more info on course fees + accommodation & register here: