IPN invites you to an inspirational business networking luncheon

IPN invites you to an inspirational business networking luncheon

Wednesday, February 4th at 12h30,
Cato 2
Monaco Life in collaboration with IPN
invites you to an inspirational business networking luncheon at The Pacific Restaurant with guest speaker successful entrepreneur Cato Rasmussen.


“Enabling Businesses to make the most of Modern Technology” 


Have seven decades of Technological evolution made our traditional way of training obsolete?
How can business techniques deploying technology and organisational development generate efficiencies?


Technological evolution has given us the means to revolutionize the way we interact and drive innovation.


Look at the most successful businesses of the past twenty years. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook all shook up the world we live in by doing things that had never been done before and then by continually innovating.


Would you have thought:-

  • Vinyl records would be replaced by iTunes?
  • Every home, desk or even seats in a bus would have a PC on it?
  • That the world's information would be organized and made universally accessible and useful for all.


Technology has empowered us with equal access to information, as and when we need it. While this gives tremendous opportunities it also represent some challenges particularly to organisations relying on effective interaction between all elements (staff, partners, regulatory bodies and systems) within the business to deliver value to end clients.  This situation makes businesses benefit from collaborative learning


What if we :-

  • took advantage of the easy access to information and the informed employees or individuals?
  • accepted that employees or individuals, who hold the exact same information, reach different conclusions?
  • created a platform for collaborative learning environment.


Could the result be an organisation providing a basis for more innovation and less bickering?


“There is always a gap between Business Strategy level and Technological Execution” Gartner


You will learn:


1. What are the gaps between Business and Technology

2. What causes these gaps

3. What are the consequences in financial and productivity terms

4. How to overcome and build bridges between Business and Technology

5. Technology and organisational development - Collaborative learning

6. The impact of collaborative learning on an organisation’s “sentiment for innovation”

7. Methodologies and tools that have the potential of bringing it all together



•             Collaborative units have the potential of creating horizontal specialist Units

•             Owner of information is collective and horizontally optimised

•             Value is determined externally and not strategized behind closed doors (people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it)


Cato is an industry veteran and subject Matter Expert bridging Business Architecture with more than 20 years hands on leadership and a management and experience performing complex Business Solutions Project.

He is a highly sought after speaker and regularly speaks at industry events.

Cato has experience from working with vendors, service providers, management-for hire and consulting.

web: www.bolgiaten.com


Hosted by Ian and Martina Brodie, MonacoLife in collaboration with Beverley Holt and Brian Smith, IPN
Cost: Only €95

Includes: Three-course lunch, including wine and a welcome drink.


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