Wow! What a sensational 3 day workshop conducted by Rod Briggs, Founder of Mind link!

Wow! What a sensational 3 day workshop conducted by Rod Briggs, Founder of Mind link!

Rod Briggs conducted his 3 Day Mind Mastery Workshop over the weekend at the Ellington Hotel, in Nice.

The room was packed and the energy very high all weekend.

There were people of all backgrounds including a 10 year old and 11 year.

Rod entertained us from the start with his humorous stories.

We were all in fits of laughter which immediately put us into a state of alpha which is great for learning!

It was a very intensive, interactive weekend- jammed packed full of information, new technologies and techniques that we can use forever!

Every day was experiential-with plenty of exercises and meditations to reinforce Rod’s teachings.

The course was very well structured and everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences.

I can highly, recommend it.

And now the course really begins!


Rod Briggs’ book:


The Neurobiology of Excellence (Module 1 Seminar)


Take back control of your life. Inside you is a well spring of potential held back by outdated belief systems and habits of thought.


In the neurobiology of excellence course you will be given the tools and practical experience to design a future of adventure and joy.


What you will learn and experience:

•         Increase mental, emotional and physical efficiency (30-40% increase)

•         Reach untapped potential

•         De stressing techniques/trauma control/increase self-awareness

•         Achieve your true potential

•         Re-pattern old habits and eliminate phobias


Recent research and new technology have given us a greater understanding of how the mind works, and we are now in a position to translate this knowledge into strategies for helping people learn to think in more advanced ways. There is a structure to the way our minds operate, and by understanding that structure, we can improve our thinking abilities in all of life’s situations.  High-level creative and critical thinking of this sort is an extraordinary gift that stirs our consciousness, liberates us from mundane concerns, expands our vision, and moves us forward, enriching our lives in countless ways.


In two-and-a-half days of highly intensive training you will be taught a set of things you can do and introduced to a way of life that will actually reliably deliver more happiness, more peace, more prosperity and more love in your life.  With powerful creative and critical thinking abilities at your disposal, your relationships will be more satisfying, you will have a clear sense of direction, and you will have confidence that you can shape yourself into the person you always wanted to be.


By becoming a more powerful thinker you will acquire abilities you need to achieve your goals, solve problems, and make intelligent decisions.  You will learn the tools to transform your life into a rich tapestry of success.  Problems become opportunities for growth, mundane routines become challenges for inventive approaches, and relationships become intriguing adventures.  These techniques can be applied in every area of your life - in business, relationships, emergency situations and the day-to-day struggle of life.  You will be taught, amongst other things, how to overcome stress at all levels by learning how to deal with it more effectively. Tools will also be taught in the area of Psycho-Neuro Immunology.