B A R E F O O T L I V I N G !

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Date(s) - 09/11/2013
All Day

A day-excursion into the realm of the real, the slow,


and away from the show to get you fully in the know!


-Godfather-don of the human potential movement -progenitor of the barefoot metaphor,


– author of 17 books including HANDBOOK FOR THE URBAN WARRIOR and LIBERATION,


-producer of many gigabytes of sonic healing, psychoactive dance and ambient music, founder of the ‘conscious clubbing’ movement, creator of the ‘Damn Sexy’ fragrance and body products, doyen and master of the Taoist pantheon of life-optimizing philosophies and psychophysics,


B A R E F O O T   D O C T O R





Barefoot means easy, barefoot means humble, barefoot means real, barefoot means strong, barefoot means soft, barefoot means smart, barefoot means wise, barefoot means laughter, and above all barefoot means free: free of all the pointless layers of faulty self-conditioning, energy wasted impressing people, posturing, deception, artifice and general naffness that otherwise stops you living your own life and has you trying in vain to live someone else’s.

Learn the fabled Barefoot Taoist psychophysical internal/external reposition/reframe technique that has liberated millions around the world, and guarantees you a totally fresh and vastly expanded and improved reality thereafter and forever more.

Learn the rare, esoteric yet completely relevant and utterly useful Xing Yi qigong sequence to keep you immensely strong, toned, supple, centered and able to withstand whatever destiny hurls at you with equanimity, style and aplomb.

Learn the internal method of meditation that’ll completely take your fear of death, and hence life, away, and make you so ready and steady you never tip over in a wobble again.

Learn to love yourself, your life and everyone in it so keenly you want to eat it all up.

And have a damn enjoyable time because it’s always fun with Barefoot.


When: Saturday,November 9th

Where: 5 Rue des Pochettes, Nice.

Time: 1000-1600

Cost: Only €120

RSVP now! https://www.eventbrite.com/event/8455716275

Contact: Beverley@GlobalHPN.net      : Tel: +33 (0)6 47 74 04 03