Cato Rasmussen

Cato Rasmussen

Cato Rasmussen talks about:

How the digital world is affecting our lives and business?
How can we use it to our benefit?

Digitalisation: the devices, networks, websites, clouds and other IT, which we use on a daily basis, is changing the way we live and work.


  • How to integrate the latest technology into your business and life.
  • What are the possibilities that this technology provides?
  • What are the bonuses and pitfalls of becoming a “modern” business?
  • How do modern payment systems change the way we do business, and how to get the most out of these systems.
  • What are the pros and cons of living in “The Cloud” and how to manage the security issues that come with this technology.

The presentation is opportunity focused and you will discover the value and methods of integrating digitalisation into your work life to help your business operate more effectively and:

  • We will explore the opportunities enriching convenience and lifestyle.

What will it be like to have your house, your car, and yourself connected to the web?