Business Leaders’ Lunch

Business Leaders’ Lunch



MONACO LIFE in collaboration with IPN


Invites you to an inspirational Business Leaders’ Lunch

at the Pacific Restaurant, Monaco.


with guest speaker Dr. Finn Majlergaard, Professor and International Management Consultant.


Dr. Finn Majlergaard, will focus on how we can maximise our opportunities by leveraging from the cultural diversity.

Anyone can copy your product - no one can copy your culture whether you are an entrepreneur or a global company.


Heaven Is Where:

·                   The French are the chefs
·                   The Italians are the lovers
·                   The British are the police
·                   The Germans are the mechanics
·                   And the Swiss make everything run on time

Hell is Where:

·                   The British are the chefs
·                   The Swiss are the lovers
·                   The French are the mechanics
·                   The Germans are the police
·                   And the Italians make everything run on time


Is your business more like Heaven or Hell?

Are you making the most of cultural diversity to get the best out of your business?


What you will learn

  • How to find opportunities in cultural diversity
  • What can cultural diversity bring to your company or business
  • How can cultural diversity make you more competitive



  • Ideas for pursuing new opportunities
  • Tools for becoming more open-minded when it comes to international business
  • Ideas for establishing new forms of international collaboration.


2/3 of all mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their objectives due to cultural clashes.


Over the past 14 years Dr. Majlergaard and his colleagues in Gugin have developed industry leading methodologies to bring that ratio down significantly by focusing on cultural integration and  building strong corporate cultures around the cultural diversity. Anyone can copy your product, but no one can copy your culture. That is the truth for big corporations as well as for the start-up company.


Here is one of his interesting articles:


Dr. Finn Majlergaard is the founder and managing partner of Gugin, a global operating consulting firm specialised in helping companies and organisations leverage from the cultural diversity. Dr. Finn Majlergaard founded Gugin in 2001 after working  20 years globally for large corporations like IBM, Arthur Andersen and CSC with international business development, post-merger integrations and leadership development.


In Gugin, he and his colleagues have worked with more than 600 companies around the world on facilitating organisational integration, leadership development, crisis management and developing implementing globalisation strategies.


Dr Finn Majlergaard is a visiting professor at several business schools and universities around the world, and  a member of the board of directors of The Cambridge Strategy Asset Management Company, which also has offices in Monaco.

Cost: Only €95     Includes: Three-course lunch, with wine and a welcome drink.


Book and pay in advance.