Who is Beverley Holt?

Who is beverley holt

Who is Beverley Holt?

Beverley Holt is the Founder of IPN- formally HPN.

She is a Professional Networking Coach and public speaker and an accomplished Professional Networker. Networking has been part of her way of living for more than 20 years.

Beverley says” We have all been networking since we were 2 years old. It’s about forming relationships.”


Beverley can teach you the Power of Effective Networking.


Great networkers are not born, they are created. The great news is that it is a simple process that anyone can learn. Anyone can improve their networking and influencing skills. The networking world is open to everyone, without exception, as long as your networking values are strong, ethical and transparent.


Mummy told us all not to talk to strangers! Good advice when we were kids but now we are adults it’s something we all need to do to build our network of contacts, raise our self-esteem and become proactive business networking developers.


Great networkers make great leaders because they have unlocked the potential of networking in their busy lives.


We are all Masters of keeping busy every second of the day and when it comes to networking we can find many excuses to stop us from networking.


Great networkers have created simple systems that enable them to connect with others, stay connected and create valuable lifetime connections with key players, spheres of influence and other master networkers.


Great networkers know how to positively influence many connections within valuable networks!


Many people think that networking is something that you do, rather than a way that you live. I personally really enjoy meeting people. I love being with people. Networking is a life skill, rather than something you do only when you want something.


I always suggest to people when they have a big event they would like to promote- they should start networking at least 6 months prior.


Many people fail at networking as they stop as soon as they get a good client. They forget that this client may not stay a client forever- then they have to start all over from scratch again.

It does nothing for your personal branding.


Basic principles of networking based on the universal laws:


The law of abundance:

Great networkers believe in an abundance of opportunities. The key to success is being prepared and ready for opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone – plenty of possibilities:  ideas, clients, customers, jobs and so on. Just because your diary is empty does not mean that there are no opportunities around. You have to think outside the box. Often in the most unexpected circumstance or situation you may find a business opportunity.


The law of reciprocity:

Great networkers know that you give out comes back tenfold. If you give out help, you get back help; give out love, you get back love; give out information, you get back information. The challenge, of course, is that although for you the giving is instant and in the short term, the receiving may not happen for some time. Also, what is returned may not come from the person to whom it was given. Just trust that you will be rewarded.


The law of giving without expectation:

Great networkers give without an expectation of receiving something. When you put others first if gives you a great feeling of self-worth. It is good to do something for someone not to get something back, simply because you want to help them achieve their goal.


The law of connectivity:

Great networkers always make heart-to-heart connections with people when they talk to them. They listen with their hearts as well as their ears – they are totally focused on the person in front them, regardless of whether they think that person could be a prospect, client, new friend or just someone to add to their network. They realise that every person they connect with forms part of their networking circle and every stranger has the potential to become an important connection within that network. They create connections because they believe that reaching out to others will help all involved.


The law of respect:

Great networkers always network ethically, professionally and courteously. They are consciously aware that every best friend was once a perfect stranger, and that you never know who that stranger in front of you actually has in their network. The basic philosophy of great networkers is to treat everyone the way they would like to be treated.