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Beverley Holt, the vibrant founder of the Holistic Professionals Network on the Cote d'Azur has managed to create a community of like-minded and multi-cultural professionals on the French Riviera who are passionate about their work and who share the fundamental value of connecting what they do to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being! The HPN events are always opportunities to develop new professional and personal skills as well as an open-hearted and creative environment lending itself to making lasting connections that advance professional and personal projects! It's also simply fun, inspiring and boosting to the spirit. A lot of beautiful ideas have been manifested with the support of the HPN community.

- Barbara - Founder of Be-Juiced
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The IPN events are a wonderful opportunity to meet people, find new client referrals, learn new skills and take in new information. Beverley has an amazing capacity to create dynamic events delivering pertinent and innovative information, again and again. I always come away buzzing with excitement and motivation, and my creative juices are flowing!

- Suzanne Gamache -Psychotherapist

Exceptional experience. Really enjoyed the whole package, presenters, everyone’s introductions and the business speed dating. A really enthusiastic group of people.

- Kate - Villa Manager
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The network is great place to meet fellow professionals to create partnerships for business or even make friends. There are always interesting speakers on and I never hesitate to recommend the network to other health and wellness professionals that I meet. I have met quite a few people that I do business with today through Beverley and the network. I have also introduced newcomers in the area to other professionals and helped them get started this way. Beverley is the master of connecting people and through her network it all happens very naturally - not like the regular business card swopping events where you just end up with a lot of business cards not really knowing why.

- Anja Bolbjerg- Personal trainer & Former Olympic Skier

First time I’ve ever been to such an interactive event . It was great fun and I learnt so much. I really enjoyed meeting so many different people- plus I made a good business contact.

- Peter - Financial Advisor
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